Experience. Skill. Commitment.

Safety Standards Change. Our Standards do Not.

When David Monistere founded Professional Safety Services in 1993, he made a commitment to provide the best-in-class safety consulting and training possible.

More than 25 years later, this second generation, family owned and operated company continues a tradition of exceptional service, commitment to reducing workplace injuries, and helping our clients to navigate the ever-changing world of safety compliance.

Quality Services throughout the United States.

Professional Safety Services provides loss control services, safety training, and safety consulting for insurance companies, self insured funds, third party administrators, and independent insurance agents.

Our staff of Certified Safety Professionals, Comprehensive Practice, Professional Engineers, and other degreed professionals travel throughout the U.S. delivering top quality safety services to companies in the construction, manufacturing, food processing, and service industries.

We take pride in our own ongoing education and training and are active members of many professional organizations.