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Full-Time Safety Officers:

Let PSS take care of those simple, safety related tasks that consume so much of your time but are not the best use of your skill set.

You’ll finally have the time to apply your significant expertise to the more complex matters.

Safety is Just one of Your Responsibilities:

Your organization doesn't employ a full-time safety officer, you are still expected to comply with all OSHA standards and keep employees safe.

Outsource your part-time safety officer role to PSS—Let us focus on our strengths so that you can focus on yours.

Safety Plans & Compliance Documentation

Focus your time where you are most effective: Let PSS take care of safety program development & assessment of your safety culture

Get help from people who eat, sleep and breathe workplace safety.

PSS will work with you to develop high quality, implementable safety plans that comply with industry standards and customer requirements with contractor qualification processes.

Whether it’s ISNetworld, Browz, or Avetta we will develop a compliant safety program so your company will be approved for work.

We can also assess the level to which your personnel have embraced your safety plan in their day-to-day operations with our popular Safety Culture Assessment.

Ready for a first rate safety plan?

Safety Policy & Procedure Development

Safety Program Development

Safety Plan Audits

Safety Culture Assessments

ISNetworld Plans

Additional planning services available. Call for details.

Safety Audits & Program Reviews

Identify and fix deficiencies before your official inspection

We’ve all know that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

This old saying applies double when it comes to safety.

Engage PSS to review your safety procedures, plans and implementation, and identify weaknesses so that you can fix them ahead of official inspections.

Ready for your next external inspection to be less stressful?

Safety Program Audits

Mock OSHA Inspections

DOT Mock Audits

DOT Audit Preparation Assistance

Site Audits

Process Safety Management (PSM) Audits

Safety Management System Audits

Loss Control Services

Additional audit services available. Call for details.


Incidents happen: PSS incident investigation and citation defense services

When incidents occur, it is your responsibility to determine the cause(s) of the incident and the steps that can be taken to avoid its repetition.

The safety experts at PSS will work with you thoroughly inspect your facility and all relevant paperwork to discover what led to the incident and how to avoid its repetition. We can also assist in your citation defense.

Let us lead you through the investigation process






Additional services available. Call for details.